Complex technical monitoring solutions
Raden Solutions provides custom software development and integration for monitoring and management of complex infrastructures, as well as constant support and effective training services.
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NetXMS Support
Receive professional technical support of NetXMS from our software development team.
NetXMS Customization&Integration
Full turn-key solution customized specifically for your needs and integrated into your infrastructure by our professional team.
NetXMS Training
Receive training on how to effectively use NetXMS software for your specific needs.


NetXMS is an open-source network & infrastructure monitoring and management system capable of operating on extra-large networks with tens of thousands devices.

It’s completely free: no hidden charges or fine print. NetXMS provides technical monitoring with flexible event processing, alerting, reporting and graphing for all layers of IT infrastructure. NetXMS is highly customisable and can easily be integrated with various third-party products.

The system can be managed via web interface, as well as a cross-platform rich client application. NetXMS offers full functionality with Windows and most UNIX systems available on the market.

White Label
Commercial license for our open-source network monitoring system NetXMS.

It allows equipment manufacturers and software vendors to create their own monitoring and management system without developing it from scratch and sell under their own brand. You will get a custom-made system for the specific characteristics and requirements of your network that has enormous expansion opportunities and is smoothly integrated with other software.

NetXMS White Label grants you full access to latest releases of the system for the whole licensing period.

All-in-one solution for monitoring, management and video surveillance of multi-vendor ATM networks – one solution for everything that is important in managing ATM-specific hardware and software.

It allows users to issue all necessary commands, and replace screens and media remotely, as well as offers instant access to electronic journal and ATM log files. NetXMS ATM offers continuous, as well as event-based, video capture modes, provides real-time video and photo capture, and allows centralised management of all recorded media.

It’s stable and secure—suitable for low-speed networks and remote areas, it uses industry standard encryption algorithms and various user authentication methods.

It can be integrated with any host software. NetXMS ATM is one of the most competitive offers on the market, designed to increase network uptime and reduce your operational costs significantly.

Payment Infrastructure Monitoring
Monitor whole payment infrastructure – from operating system to applications, ensure constant uptime, react to potential issues preventively, gather and leverage data from multiple sources.

The system is data source agnostic - all data is processed in a uniform way with multiple options for adding custom data sources and flexible data & event processing mechanisms. Wide range of data sources supported out of the box: own agents, SNMP, MQTT, DLMS, shell scripts, data push API.

Product has built-in scripting engine that can be used to implement custom logic without changes in the system core.

NetXMS is modular with powerful external API that allows full control over the system. Available as Java API, web service API, and Python scripts.

Build for performance & good for distributed deployments, NetXMS can handle tens of thousands of devices simultaneously and local proxies will handle local traffic and store it when there is no connection to central server.

Industrial Digitalisation
Complex monitoring solution for production lines that allows to ensure maximum operational time of equipment, get product traceability and perform remote troubleshooting. Control quality assurance processes by gathering and analysing real-time data of production equipment.

NetXMS allows to predict potential upcoming failures in production lines and react preventively. Historical and fresh operational data gathered from equipment in use provides valuable data to perform on-time maintenance and improve future models.

The system allows to perform equipment remote control, remote troubleshooting and monitoring, manage total cost of ownership and employ new business models directed at extended long-term support of equipment at your customers' premises.

With NetXMS you can be assured that the data is secured and will never leave your & your clients’ companies.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide our services to the following companies. We believe our contribution helps to fulfill all the tasks and purposes our clients have. Together we make it better!


FIS is one of the largest global provider dedicated to banking and payments technologies. With a long history deeply rooted in the financial services sector, FIS serves more than 14,000 institutions in over 110 countries. It holds leadership positions in payment processing and banking solutions, providing software, services and outsourcing of the technology that drives financial institutions.

Tieto is the largest Nordic IT services company providing full life-cycle services for both the private and public sectors and product development services in the field of communications and embedded technologies. The company has global presence through its product development business and global delivery centres. Tieto is committed to developing enterprises and society through IT by realizing new opportunities in customers' business transformation. At Tieto, we believe in professional development and results.

NETMG is a leading provider of integrated solutions for network, system, service and business impact management. From integration of industry leading management tools and frameworks to organic, ground-up custom management applications - NETMG has the experience to build the solution for your needs. As a company providing software solution - one that utilizes the latest technologies in developing solutions for our clients - we are experienced technology consultants.

Employing team of highly skilled and creative professionals company can successfully provide different kind of services and solve various problem types, like IT infrastructure planning and implementation or custom monitoring solutions development for production lines and other technological objects etc. Our cooperation with Raden Solutions opens up the whole range of new opportunities and will allow us to expand our solutions portfolio and raise quality of our services.

D8 is IT Company providing banking and finance solutions. D8 services are: card payment solutions, remote banking, Business Process Management solutions, Enterprise Content Management, fraud prevention solutions, custom software development, and business intelligence.

ADVICE CONSULTING works in information technology field in general and mainly in Atms and electronic banking solutions, providing all services from Advice, presale, sales to integration, support and development of complex hardware and software solutions. Our partnership with Raden Solutions opens up the whole range of new opportunities and will allow us to expand our solutions and services portfolio.

ACRITER S.A. DE C.V. was founded in 1997 with the support of experts in a wide range of IT areas, specializing in payment systems, consulting and software development for the financial, retail and other services industries, Acriter has maintained sustained growth, adapting its structure to the changing reality of the IT world and to the growing demands of the highly competitive markets in which it operates.

PT. GLOBAL HUMANIKA PERSADA is a leading provider in Banking Technology that covers wide range of banking tools such as ATM Machine, ATM Spare Part, Computer, Maintenance, and Services that have been trusted by Banks and its subsidiaries in Indonesia since 2008

We are reliable partners, pedantic executors and curious innovators: our projects range from petrol pipe monitoring to ATM management and to paintball scoring system administration.

Founded in 2009, Raden Solutions is an expert in developing and supporting complex monitoring solutions. We are reliable partners, pedantic executors and curious innovators: our projects range from monitoring of government networks to ATM management to payment infrastructure monitoring. Our customers appreciate the security, performance and adaptability of our solutions.

Raden Solutions is based in Riga, Latvia, and provides services worldwide via network of trusted partners and has proved oneself as a reliable service provider to a number of banks, governments, public and private companies across the globe.

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